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tour champions national champions all-americans national team selections high performance
tour champions national champions all-americans national team selections high performance


SportsEngine is the backbone of our club management system. It's where we plan, communicate, connect, and pay. As you can imagine, a tool that does so much, takes a little getting used to.


How do I get started?

To get started click on this Join the HVA Family button!

I am not recieving emails or am unable to access the site

This is very common and the items below are the usual root causes...

  • You must be LINKED to the athlete listed on the team roster. Often times, they were registered by someone using another email address and with a different SE account. You should know that ALL HOUSEHOLD members need to be linked together in order to all get the email communications sent to the athlete. Here's how.
  • You might be linked and are getting the messages inside your SN account, but those aren't getting texted or emailed to your email address or phone. You need to update your notification settings in SE. Here's how.

I am unable to edit my registration

(New contact info..New document to upload...etc)...this happens when you try to click the original registration link that you used to register the first time. You shouldn't be using that to EDIT your first registration. If you do, you'll find yourself registering a second time and being charged for that. STOP. You simply need to know how to EDIT the first registration.... Here's how.

I am unable to find my team’s calendar events

Typically its because you haven't set up your personal calendar yet. Note that SN uses "Tags" to identify which of the HVA teams/programs to load onto your personal calendar. So, you need to select them for your calendar. once set, you'll see ONLY those events that you are interested in from the world of HVA. Here's how.

  • Did you know that you can even add this personalized calendar fee to your Outlook calendar?! You can do it using something call "iCal" Here's how.

how does the sportsengine app work?

The app works on IOS and ANDROID devices and is very helpful being connected to information and schedule changes for your team. We STRONGLY recommend downloading this free app and "Following" your team. Oh, one more thing, when you download it, make SURE to all"push notifications"which will allow alert bubbles to pop up on your device when schedules change... Here's how.

how do i contact my coach or teammates?

The SportsEngine APP has a messages function where you can contact anyone on your roster, including your coach or other players. Here's how. Note that you can also use your GROUPME message group set up for your team to contact your coach either to the whole group or to the coach individually (via DM). Here's how.

how do I change my payment information/card?

Easy. Simply go into your dashboard and change your info. One catch, it will charge you the next installment due at the time of the update. Here's how.

how do i upload game video to the team hudl account?

First, THANK YOU for helping us upload our video for the coaches, athletes, and college scouts! This is incredibly helpful at every phase of our training! We have created a video for your with step by step instructions on how to upload the video!! Here's how.

how do i send game video for staTISTIC PROCESSING?

If you are one of our Video Admins within Hudl, you will be able to send uploaded video to have statistics added for our matches. Here's how.


There are a set of videos to help you with signing up for your membership. Here's how.

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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