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About Us

tour champions national champions all-americans national team selections high performance
tour champions national champions all-americans national team selections high performance

Our Track Record

We DEVELOP champions

Since 1990, we’ve been the one constant club for boy’s volleyball in Houston and in Texas. It started as 1 team with a ministry focus and blossomed to where we are today. We have been extremely blessed along the way! During that time, we’ve seen 16 girl’s clubs start and end a Boys Volleyball Program. However, in the last few years, the boys game has grown at a faster rate than it had in years prior which brings excitement and growth of the game for boys in the South.

So, why would a boy in Houston choose the veteran HVA Boys program over a program that’s new to the boys’ game? What do we offer that others don’t? Well, a track record is a good way to start that conversation…

’22 – ’23 Teams by Houston Volleyball Club


Our Legacy: Athletes Developed & Promises Kept

For a new program with no track record, it’s easy to make promises and flatter a young athlete and his family with promises like “we’ll build the team around you”…etc. It’s entirely a different story when it comes to fulfilling those promises. We hear of these promises put out there all the time w/ some of these start-up boys’ programs here in the Region. In contrast, we have been training boys in Houston since 1990. During that time we have seen our boys go on to become:


  • All-Americans
  • National MVPs
  • Collegiate Scholarship recipients (some examples include: Hawaii, Harvard, Pepperdine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Princeton, Rutgers, Lewis University, NYU, MIT, Quincy, Park, Vanguard, King, Emmanuel, Newman, Queens)
  • Collegiate All-Americans
  • USA High-Performance champions
  • National Team Players
  • International Professional Players
  • USA National Team players
  • World League Champion
  • Olympic Gold Medal Champion


  • Tour Champions
  • Regional Champions
  • National Champions
  • High-Performance Champions

These accomplishments have been spread out across all this time and consistently delivered to our HVA Boys families.

Mission & Vision


Houston Volleyball Academy's beach volleyball


Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

Houston Volleyball Academy's group icon


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Houston Volleyball Academy's netball icon


What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.

houston volleyball academy


Our strong belief is that boys won't try new things and take risks to improve their game when they operate in an environment where they don't feel the freedom to try and fail for a while. So, that's why we've created a family environment and encourage taking risks to improve your game. This is why our players DEVELOP more quickly and much further than in any other boys' program!

Houston Volleyball Academy Club's Youth Training Champ

Our athletes: Building great young men

Not to overshadow the individual and team accomplishments above, but its equally important to talk about the young men that are graduating from our program. We’ve lost count of the number of student athletes that have graduated as Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude over the years. Annually we see our athletes graduate and head off to top tier academic institutions in the Ivy League and elsewhere.

Their athletic & academic prowess aren’t the only reasons why these college coaches offer them a scholarship. They do so because of their character and what type of teammate our boys go on to be. Many of the boys go on to be part of an outreach ministry at their schools or afterward, some vocationally. We graduate great young men who also happen to be great athletes.

our leadership & mentorship: growing the game

Due to our longevity, we’ve had the benefit of trying lots of different approaches to run a boys club successfully. We failed a lot in those early years and have needed to make continuous improvements through each of those nearly 30 years. We have worked to create new opportunities for boys as well as mentor new club startups along the way. We try to share a lot of our lessons-learned.

Leadership: Helped create opportunities for boys to play volleyball:

  • Built 14 Houston-area high school club programs in the public schools
  • Helped to build the
  • Southwest Boys Tour servicing 3 states and 5 USAV Regions.
  • Partnered with the private school programs to grow their talent base and more playing opportunities
  • Partnered with 2 other USAV Regions to create High Performance teams (Texoma HP and Lonestar HP) for boys
  • Partnered/Petitioned USAV to add a Boys National Qualifier in our region of the country (SW Boys Classic (Houston/Dallas))
  • Added Boys beach volleyball program to Houston, first of its kind in this region for boys

Mentorship: Due to our longevity, we’ve been able to create new opportunities for boys to play volleyball in Houston as well as mentor new clubs throughout Texas (in San Antonio, Dallas, and even other Houston area programs) along the way, sharing our lessons-learned to help the sport grow. We have given our athletes opportunities to succeed while on the court or even in the sand and off the court.

Our relationships across volleyball

Naturally, being around for this long means that we have built many long-term relationships within the world of volleyball at the regional, state, and national levels with other coaches, clubs, athletes, volleyball organizations, and college programs. We are tied into a number of the organizing committees for boys volleyball at each of those levels. This along with our track record of success directly enables us to get athletes exposed to top collegiate programs.

Our coaches and staff

The most important asset we have is our coaches. We have the top boys coaching staff is this part of the country. Their character and expertise directly helps make HVA and our players successful both on and off the court. Here are some of our key coaches that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Houston Volleyball Academy's coach Sean Carter

club director and Boys Program Director

sean carter

Carter started boys volleyball in Houston, at the club level, in 1990. He is an invited member of the USA High Performance Coaching Cadre and has undergone training with two different Olympic Coaching staffs. He has had players go on to every conceivable level collegiately and internationally.

He has led teams to 7 different National Championship matches in his time coaching, produced over 100 scholarship athletes, multiple national team selections and even had a former player go on to an Olympic Gold Medal.

Club Operations

Eric Woolridge

Eric Woolridge was an All-American setter in High School, under Coach Carter, went on to play collegiately and then played professionally on the international stage in 5 different countries.

After retiring from playing in 2013, he went into coaching full time and has become a highly sought-after coach by athletes from multiple clubs ever since. He contributes to the success of some of the area private schools during the club off-season as well in order to give back.

Houston Volleyball Academy's coach Eric Woolridge

Our program design

HVA offers two team practices per week PLUS an additional Position Training practice. The first two allow the coach to focus on the needs of the team and the team systems and adjustments needed for the team success. The Position Training allows for all players of one position to all practice together and hear one voice on their specific position and its unique demands and techniques. This will accelerate the DEVELOPMENT of that athlete in each position he plays. It allows, directly, develops his volleyball IQ in gaining an in-depth understanding of the position and its role in team success.

Our position coaches have played this position at very high positions, often professionally, and are uniquely suited to bring to bear that expertise for the athletes. Finally, we feature a comprehensive strength and conditioning program lead by our training staff that develop speed and agility drills each week.

financial assistance

One of Coach Carter’s famous sayings is

“No boy that has ever wanted to play this game has ever been denied for financial reasons; not on my watch.”

If you or anyone you know that wants to play is considering not playing with us, for financial reasons, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We will work with you to help with sponsorship funds that have been donated by our generous corporate and private sponsors. There is NO REASON that you can’t take advantage of all of opportunities that playing with HVA provides you.

our proud legacy


For us, it started as a ministry opportunity to work with kids and partner with their parents. It's been almost 25 years now and our HVA family THRIVES because of our tight-knit relationships! It's why we do, what we do! #HVAFamily

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