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Girls Programs

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HVA   |   Mission Statement

The objective at Houston Volleyball Academy is to instill discipline and accountability in our athletes as we prepare them for competition and life after volleyball.
With each milestone during the process, the trials they overcome establishes the character foundation needed to succeed once they graduate from the program.

In future years, the HVA girls' program will strive to mirror the success of the HVA Boys club. 
HVA boys has successfully produced athletes for the US Olympic Team, NCAA D1, and NAIA programs for almost 30 years, establishing themselves as a nationally recognized brand of excellence.


HVA   |   Training Philosophy

At Houston Volleyball Academy we train athletes to be well balanced by not compartmentalizing the player into a single position.
We train our athletes to be dynamic and multi-faceted as all of our athletes are expected to play any position when needed.
As the athletes' are exposed to every skill as well as the fundamentals of each position, the experience gained reinforces the performance at their primary positions.


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