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Boys Club Team Program

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Program Background

HVA trained and certified coaching staff has been producing collegiate athletes for dozens of mens volleyball programs around the country for over 30 years right here in Houston.

In 2011, the club made a fundamental shift. We decided to move away from the high school aged boys team to youth development teams (Boys from 8 - 15). We made this move in order to give the players longer development times before college. It has been a wildly successful change.

Since then,  HVA “Young Guns” and "Performance" teams have made it to the very top of the national landscape in boys volleyball. They annually qualify for the Open division at Nationals. We have, since, gone on to win National Championships, Tour Championships, USA HP Championships. In fact,  now we have our teams qualifying for the open division each year and finishing in/near the top 10 in the nation annually!

Our young men and their parents are very happy with the tempo and approach that our coaches take with the players. They have gone on to be selected as All-Americans & National Team Players. Boys from other cities and states travel here to be part of our club.

Below is more specific information for you to consider. Before making any decision on the club, please plan to come out to visit a practice with your son. It will be well worth your time.

Though we have tryouts before beginning our season, we welcome new players throughout the year if they missed the tryout.. Simply contact us and we’ll arrange to have you come on out to practice with us.

Typically, our boys season is constructed as seen below...

  • Preseason: Aug - Oct
  • Season: Nov-Mar
  • Spring Training: Apr-May
  • Post Season/Nationals: Jun 1 - Jul 10